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Whale Sharks in Belize

The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, and one of the largest creatures alive today, with the largest accurately measured whale shark coming in at 40 feet, 7 inches in length, with a 4.5 foot wide mouth, a 4.5 foot high dorsal fin, and 6.5 foot long pectoral fins.

This "whale" of a shark was caught in a gill net thrown over the side of a 20 foot long boat in Bombay, India!

However, despite their size, whale sharks are remarkably gentle and curious.

The whale shark's gentle natures makes swimming with them a special treat for divers and snorkelers and the whale shark's curiosity even pulls fishing parties into its thrall when the huge sharks pull up alongside fishing boats as they sometimes do in the summer and fall months in the Placencia Belize area.


See our Belize Whale Shark Package page for information on booking a whale shark trip and responsible whale shark tourism in Belize.

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