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  • National Garifuna Council of Belize:
  • National Institute of Culture and History, including the Institute of Archaeology, Institute of Creative Arts, Museum of Belize, House of Culture, Institute for Social and Cultural Research and the Belize Film Commission (
  • National Kriol Council of Belize (


  • Ambergris Caye Site:  Chock full of information about Belize as well as excellent information on Ambergris Caye.   The Webmaster, Marty Casado, does an amazing job with hurricane information and response. (
  • Belize Travel Magazine:  Good overview of the most popular Belize places to go, people to see and things to do. (
  • Caye Caulker Site:  Good assortment of information about local hotels, restaurants and tour operators.  Sponsored by the Caye Caulker chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association. (
  • Corozal:  Officlal Website for Corozal, includes articles on history, culture, local government, area attractions, business listings and calendar of events. (
  • San Ignacio and Santa Elena (Cayo District):  Site includes information about lodging and tours in the Cayo District, plus an on-line forum, classified advertising and media links. (
  • Government of Belize:  Official Web portal for the Belize government, including contact information, links to other government Websites, and information about government programs and initiatives. (
  • Hopkins Village (and surrounding areas):  Site includes a good reference on the Garifuna culture, local causes, and listings of some local hotels, resorts and restaurants. (
  • Orange Walk:  Primarily a business oriented site that does include hotel and local business listings, also local news and news feeds. (
  • National Institute of Culture and History:  Umbrella site for the Belize Institute of Archaeology, the Belize Institute of Creative Arts, Museums of Belize/House of Culture and the Belize Institute for Social and Cultural Research. (
  • Placencia:
    • Placencia BTIA Site:  Listings and webpages for the Placencia Peninsula (including Seine Bight and Maya Beach) including lodging, restaurants, tour operators and tour guides, taxis and gift shops.  (Sponsored by the Placencia chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association) (
    • Placencia Breeze On-line edition of the Placencia Breeze, a monthly newspaper of the Placencia BTIA, including feature articles, event announcements, classifieds and contact information for local businesses.
    • Peninsula 2020: A Consensual Vision of the Future of the Placencia Peninsula:  Defines the vision of the entire Placencia Peninsula with respect to education, development, jobs and many other issues.
  • Toledo District:  Things to do, places to go and people to see in Toldeo, the southernmost district of Belize. (


  • Diving the Blue Hole:  Good, very accurate article on what to expect (and not expect) on a Blue Hole dive. (


  • A History of Belize:  A Nation in the Making (
  • History and Culture of the Maya of Southern Belize (
  • The Historic Maya of Belize (

 Sport Fishing

  • Belize Coastal Zone:  Belize sport fishing licenses may be purchased on-line through this site. (
  • Basic Guide to Saltwater Fishing:  Although the focus of this article is on Southwestern Florida, its basic information is pertinent to all saltwater flyfishing, regardless of location. (
  • Kiene's Fly ShopBill Kiene, owner of Kiene's Fly Shop in Sacramento, California, is very familiar with fishing in the Placencia area.   Bill is also very good about helping visitors to the area get properly outfitted, so you may want to contact him if you'd like to talk to someone else in the States (besides Jim and Sandra Flanders - see above) who has fished the area.  You can contact Bill by email at
  • Reel-Time Internet Journal of Saltwater Fishing: Good commercial site that offers some excellent articles on saltwater fishing. (

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