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Health and Medical Care in Belize


  • Covid 19 (Coronavirus):  Eighteen people in Belize tested positive for Covid-19, with 3 deaths.  No additional cases have been identified since April 2020.  Belize borders were closed in early April to protect the country's residents from infection, with the borders expected to re-open in July.  After re-opening, restaurants, tour operators, hotels, resorts and jungle lodges in the country will  following international guidelines for safe Covid-19 operations.
  • Medical Care:  Belize is a third world country, and only basic first aid is available in many parts of the country.  More advanced medical care is available at regional government funded hospitals in Belize City, San Ignacio, Dangriga and Orange Walk, with the most advanced medical care available at private clinics and hospitals in Belize City.  For serious medical conditions, treatment in Guatemala, Mexico and the US may be advisable.  You should bring proof of medical insurance with you, and review your health insurance coverage to make sure that it includes medical care outside your country of origin as well as emergency medical transportation coverage.  (Note:  you may have to pay for your medical care upfront and be reimbursed by your insurance carrier even if you do have medical insurance.)  If your medical insurance does not include medical transportation coverage, then travel insurance that does is strongly advised.  (For travel insurance information, please see the Website at and consult the chart outlining coverage under different policies.)  If your medical insurance does not include coverage for medical care outside your country of origin, consult your medical insurance provider.
  • Health Precautions to Take Before Your Trip:  Make sure that your tetanus vaccination is up-to-date and that you bring any necessary medications with you (including any essential over-the-counter medications).  You may also want to discuss hepatitis vaccinations with your medical provider because the risk of contracting hepatitis is now a very real one in all parts of the world, including the US.  While we have no knowledge of any of our clients ever contracting malaria during their Belize vacation, the US Center for Disease Control recommends anti-malarial medication for travelers visiting all parts of Belize except Belize City.  Therefore, you should also consult your physician regarding malaria prophylactics and other health considerations connected with travel to the tropics.

Diet:   Belize restaurants and resorts/lodges can accommodate almost any type of special diet - but, if you're going to be at a jungle lodge or a resort on a caye, please do let the lodging staff know ahead of time if you have any dietary restrictions so that necessary supplies are available.  (Produce is sometimes limited in Belize, so if you're vegetarian, you'll be able to eat, but choices may be limited.)

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