Mayan Ruins

UxbenkaUxbenka Mayan Archaeological Site.  Uxbenka is a very small site compared to Nim Li Punit and Lubaantun and is located near the water tower for Santa Cruz Village overlooking the footfills of the Maya Mountains and the Blue Creek canyon of Belize. 

(If you would like to tour the site, ask around the Village - Uxbenka is not officially open to tourists, but mounds have been cleared with some exposed limestone walls and a small open tomb is in the main plaza.)

Uxbenka dates back to the early Classic Period, long before the existence of other Maya city-states in southern Belize, and its name means "Ancient One" to reflect its age.  Uxbenka is thought to have been a ceremonial site with one main plaza at the top of hill opposite the water tower for Santa Cruz Village, and smaller plazas built on terraces carved into the side of hill and at the base of the hill on which the site is located.  Seven carved stelae, plus 13 uncarved stelae were found at Uxbenka, with one carved stelae dating back to the early Classic Period.  

Uxbenka was "discovered" in 1984 after reports to the Belize Department of Archaeology about looting of tombs near Santa Cruz.

Latitude/Longitude for Santa Cruz, Toledo, Belize:
Latitude:  16°14'28.76"N/Longitude:  89°04'39.48"W