Mayan Ruins

Maya Timeline References

Maya Timeline:

Maya Periods:

  • Early Pre-Classic:  2500 BC-1000 BC:  During this time period in other parts of the world, the mammoth became extinct, Stonehenge was completed, the Celts began to use iron, silk was discovered in China, wine was introduced and Egypt invaded Nubia.
  • Middle Pre-Classic: 1000 BC- 300 BC:  During this time period in other parts of the world, the Eygptians began natural mumification of bodies, the Iliad and the Odyssey was written, Rome was founded, Socrates, Aristotle and Confucious were born, the Olmecs developed a written alphabet and the Parthenon was built.
  • Late Pre-Classic:  300 BC-300 AD:  During this time period, Rome conquered Greece, Jesus was born, lived and was crucified, Jerusalem was destroyed by Titus and Pompeii is destroyed by Vesuvius.
  • Early Classic:  300 AD - 600 AD:  During this time period in other parts of the world, the Visigoths sacked Rome for the first time, the Edict of Milan declared that the Roman Empire would be neutral toward religious worship and Constantine organized the First Council of Nicaea.
  • Late Classic:  600 AD - 800 AD:  During this time period, the Tang Dynasty ruled in China, Jerusalem was captued by Muslims, the Byzantines conquered Italy and North Africa, Justinian I published the Code of Civil Law, Gregory the Great became Pope and Charlemagne was crowned Holy Roman Emperor.
  • Terminal Classic/Early Post-Classic:  800 AD - 1200 AD:  During this time period, Alfred the Great became the first King of England, Iceland was settled by Norsemen, Vikings attacked Paris, Alfred the Great died, The Tang Dynasty ended, Eric the Red began colonizing Greenland, astrolabes and windmills were first used, Pope Urban II began the first crusade, the University of Oxford and the Knights Templare were founded, and constrution of Notre Dame began.
  • Late Post-Classic:  1200 AD - 1502 AD:  During this time period, Constantinople was sacked, Genghis Khan died, the University of Paris, the Franciscan Order and the Ottoman Empire were founded, the Black Death killed 20-40% of the population of Europe, Joan of Arc was tried and executed, the Hundred Years War ended, and Columbus reached the New World.
  • Spanish Conquest:  1502 AD