Mayan Ruins

Orange Walk District

La MilpaLa Milpa Mayan Archaeological Site.   La Milpa is the third largest Maya site in Belize (after Caracol and Lamanai) and includes more than 20 courtyards, 19 stelae, 2 ball courts, 4 temple pyramids (the largest almost 79 feet high)  and over 85 structures, with the Great Plaza being one of the largest public spaces constructed by the Maya.  Archaeologists estimate that over 46000 people lived in La Milpa in its heyday in the Early Classic Period.

However, despite many archaeological digs since the early 1930s, most of La Milpa remains unexplored.

La Milpa is located within the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area, owned by Programme for Belize, a Belize non-governmental organization.  Coca Cola purchased the property that became the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area in 1988 for the purpose of clearing the land for a citrus plantation.  International outrage stopped Coca Cola's plans and Coca Cola eventually donated the land to Programme for Belize.  

La Milpa and Rio Bravo are located within the Three River region of Northwest Belize bordering Mexico and Guatemala.  Programme for Belize operates La Milpa Jungle Lodge on the Rio Bravo property, and the La Milpa lodge is the best place from which to access the La Milpa ruins.

Latitude:   17°48'0.00"N/Longitude: 88°58'60.00"W