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Belize Whale Shark Packages

Whale sharks in Belize aggregate off the Placencia coast during the full moons in April and May, and our Belize whale shark packages are valid for both months.

In 2013 the full moons are on the 25th of each of month, so plan on starting your whale shark diving around the 27th, and snorkeling around the 28th. 

(Whale sharks may be around in March, but not as reliably as April and May, so we don't pre-book whale shark trips for March.  Whale sharks are usually still aggregating at Gladden Spit off the Placencia coast in June, but the weather is often too rough for snorkeling and sometimes may be too rough for dive boats to make it to Gladden Spit.  Therefore, we prefer not to prebook whale shark dive or snorkel trips for June. (For basic information on whale sharks, see our Whale Shark page.))

All Belize whale shark packages are based on two adults, include 6 nights lodging in your selected accommodations, double occupancy lodging, 2 days of whale shark diving or snorkeling, snorkel and dive gear, round-trip domestic airfare between the Belize International Airport and Placencia, lunch on days of snorkeling or diving, whale shark conservation fee, Monkey River jungle tour, 12.5% hotel tax, 12.5% sales tax on meals and tours, and hotel service charge, if applicable.


Responsible Belize Whale Shark Tourism

Southern Environmental Association (SEA) is a Belize environmental/conservation organization that manages the marine reserves and parks off the Placencia coast and enforces environmental laws and regulations in the area, including the following whale shark regulations.

  • Use of cameras may require a special license.  Contact us for more information
  • No camera flashes!!!!!
  • Dive and snorkel boats must be out of the whale shark zone by 5:00 PM
  • Only 6 dive and/or snorkel boats will be permitted inside the whale shark interaction area in any one time period
  • Boat captains must attend and pass whale shark certification courses as well as guides and dive masters
  • Dive and snorkel guides must brief tourists on regulations before entering the whale shark zone
  • Each boat in the whale shark interaction area may carry a maximum of 12 divers and/or snorkelers
  • The whale shark conservation fee is US$15 per person for non-Belizean nationals.
  • Whale shark boats must have ratio of at least 1 dive master for every 8 scuba divers and 1 snorkel guide for every 8 snorkelers.  If a boat carries a mix of snorkelers and divers, the tour operator must have a dive master AND a snorkeling guide on-board.  The captain may NOT count as a guide/dive master.
  • A minimum distance of 10 feet must be maintained between whale sharks and divers/snorkelers.
  • Whale sharks must be approached by boats at idle speed (not exceeding 10 knots), with idle speed maintained in the vicinity of the sharks
  • Minimum distance between whale sharks and boats is 50 feet.
  • Persons conducting whale shark tours must have a valid Belize tour guide license, dive master certification for scuba diving or skin diver certification for snorkeling.
  • Boats used for whale shark tours must be between 23' and 48' in length
  • Any person violating any whale shark regulation may be fined up to BZ$2,000 and/or be subject to imprisonment for up to 6 months.  In addition, tour guides are subject to revocation of their whale shark licenses.
  • Maximum depth for divers of any certification is 80 feet to avoid disturbing fish aggregations and for safety considerations
  • All boats must fly a "divers down" flag when divers or snorkelers from the boat are in the water
  • No fishing from tour boats in the whale shark zone



Dear Mary,
I wanted to thank you for providing exactly the type of set-up I was looking for in Belize. Robert's Grove was beautiful. Staff were incredible and facilities great. Of course, it helped that we hit the Whale Sharks right on the nose,,they were all over the ocean the first two days of my diving. But the size, atmosphere and ambiance, aesthetics, etc, we all so perfect. Also got lucky with flights and connections from both Continental and Tropic Air. In short, I wish all my vacations were as satisfying as this one.

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