Belize Beach Destinations

Vacation Planning for the Cayes (Islands) of Belize

gilliganAmbergris Caye and Caye Caulker are Belize's most well known islands.  However, many smaller Belize islands offer visitors a very unique vacation experience, from a rustic "Belize like it was 15 years ago"  vacation on Southwater Caye or Coral Caye, to upscale luxury and fantastic diving, snorkeling, fishing and sailing.

Choosing the best island for your Belize vacation depends on what you want to do, how much time you have, the dates of your vacation and whether you're after some pampering, or a more basic island experience -- or something in between.

For example, the more remote islands, such as Blackbird Caye and other islands in the Turneffe Atoll have a Wednesday to Saturday, Saturday to Wednesday or Saturday to Saturday boat schedule because of the distance to the islands from Belize City.  Other islands such as Southwater Caye can pick you up and drop you back on the mainland any day of the week you wish.

Also, some islands (such as Turneffe Flats and Whipray Caye) cater primarly to fishermen, others such as Southwater are very attractive to snorkelers and divers, while others, such as Cayo Espanto, offer the ultimate in personal service and luxury.

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