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Best Time for Whale
Shark Snorkeling and Diving

Whale sharks aggregate to feed on jack and snapper spawn during the full moons in April and May at Gladden Spit off the Placencia coast.  Four to six days after these full moons is the best time for a chance to interact with whale sharks at Gladden Spit.

Note:  the April and May full moons for 2013 are on the 25th of each month.


Whale sharks sometimes aggregate during the full moon in March, too, but not as reliably as in April and May.  Also, while whale sharks do fairly reliably aggregate at Gladden Spit during the June full moon, the seas in June are frequently too rough to get out to Gladden Spit. 

Whale sharks are often sighted in the Placencia area throughout the year, but singly and not in any one location as is true for March - June. 

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